Our Projects... 

Our initial project is "The Real Farm Wives of South Dakota", (anticipated publish date in 2020) but thereafter we'd like to expand to other Midwestern states so other farm wives can have their voices heard.

"The Real Farm Wives of Nebraska"

Calling all farm wives of Nebraska! Land of the Huskers, wide open spaces and roads that never seem to have an ending.

Share your experiences with us! 

"The Real Farm Wives of Iowa"

I have spent considerable time in Iowa and know there are a lot of corn fields and hog barns out there, and let's not forget those rolling hills that go on and on like waves in the ocean.

Ladies, we'd love to hear your stories of what it's like to be a farm wife in your great state. 

"The Real Farm Wives of North Dakota"

The rivers, Badlands and oil fields, canopied by the great open sky above. North Dakotan women are as tough as the winters are long and we'd love to hear from all of you on your experiences! 

"The Real Farm Wives of Kansas"

....flat land, wheat fields and tornadoes (oh my!)  I know there's a lot more to Kansas life than that --- ladies, submit your stories to us about what it's like to live the good life in Kansas.

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