• Jeanette Ulmer

Real Farm Wives UNITE!

Rural America. The Midwest. The "Heartland".

This is where humanity meets true grit! There are men and women all across the Midwest who work sun up to sun down (and sometimes before the sun rises until well after the sun sets) to keep their farms running smoothly. Raising livestock and crops, while often times raising gardens, yard birds and children too.

I come from a long line of farmers who originated in Germany before coming to America, with my immediate lineage ultimately landing in southeastern South Dakota. Those men and women bucked up and fostered unimaginable courage to make such a journey in the mid to late 1800's. Encountering prairies as far as the eye could see here on these flatlands.

If callused hands could speak, imagine the stories they'd share about harnessing up a single horse, to pull the one-blade plow through prairie sod that had never been broken before. They would have been able to see a storm coming from fifty miles away (similar to the photo above) and wondered if it would yield hail or wind sufficient enough to ruin their newly emerged crops.

All the labor, the tears and stress - betting on the weather to make or break them - these early farmers are not so unlike the farmers of today. More technology today, yes, and modern amenities, but they still work the dirt, bet on the weather, and take risks to make it all happen.


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