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Dawn W. (Freeman, SD)

My husband and I have triplets - two girls and a boy. It was an early spring afternoon then the kids were about 4 years old, and we had just started letting them explore the farm yard on their own. I had eyes on them from the kitchen window, and watched them scurry around exploring all the signs of new life.  They would wear their old farm coats,

 mismatched outfits and cute little mud boots.  It was cool enough for any mother to say "you have to wear a coat outside" but warm enough to keep it unzipped. 

As they crept out farther into the trees by our old summer kitchen, I noticed the extra excitement as they appeared to be trying to corner something in the matted down grass.  It was then that I decided it was time to do some investigating. 

As I approached the scurrying kids, I asked what they found. They exclaimed with such enthusiasm, "Mama, we found kitties!!".  Realizing we hadn't had kitties for some time due to a over-active farm dog, I asked more questions.  "What color are the kitties?".  They described cute, little black-and-white kitties.  

Thankfully we couldn't see the "kitties" any longer and I quickly encouraged them to come back to the house.  Once inside I proceeded to our office computer where I found a picture of a skunk online.  I asked, "Did the kitties look like this?" "Oh yes!" they said with excitement! 

Thus began our first educational conversation about how not everything on the farm is good to play with, as we are assuming the "kitties" were indeed a little of baby skunks!

Barb U. (Menno, SD)

When my mother was an infant (back in 1915-1916), her twin brothers, Richard and Walter, were six years old. They were typical boys, always running around outside on the farm, playing in the tree grove or chasing the chickens.  While outside playing together one summer day they got ahold of some matches.

Unfortunately they were in the brooder house (chicken barn) at the time and the barn caught on fire. Walter was fine, but Richard was badly burned. He succumbed to his injuries and died three days later. A terrible tragedy for a young farming family.

On a side note, Walter grew up well, went on to marry and have children of his own, and lived to be an old man. He was always so nice to us kids (his nieces and nephews) and our children as well. 

We would LOVE to have you share your memories with us!  Submit one memory or multiple memories. They can be 3 sentences or 3 paragraphs long - whatever it takes to tell us what happened. 

NOTE: We are NOT looking for "lifetime narratives"... but rather very specific incidents / memories from farm wife life. 

A few "requirements" for submitting to us for consideration:

1. You qualify as a "farm wife" if you currently are married to a livestock and/or row crop farmer/rancher (your husband can be a full or part time farmer/rancher). Even if you personally work off the farm / have a town job, you are still a farm wife.

2. If you were raised on a farm and have memories "from way back when", but do not currently live on a farm. (So technically speaking these stories would probably be about your farm wife mother, or other relative, and if they are no longer living you are free to submit stories about them.)

3. We want authentic memories / stories specific to Midwestern farm life. Stories that are funny, sad, profound, scary, spiritual, inspirational, serious, tragic, insightful, strange, etc. Memories and stories about you, your husband or kids, animals, pets, farm, crops, etc. 

4. You can submit using any of the following formats for your name: 

   * J. Doe 

   * Jane D.

   * Jane Doe

   * Anonymous (your name will not be mentioned, just your city/state

       or county/state) 

****Your city/state (or county/state if you prefer), will be listed next to your name for all submissions

 5. Please be sure to include your contact information so we can verify details or discuss the memory / story, obtain photos, etc. Include: full name, address/city/state, county, location where the story took place (city/county, state) if different than your home address. Email (if applicable) and phone number. **You will not be contacted by email or phone unless we choose your story for the book and need to discuss memory/story details with you.

6. If you have photos related to the story, please indicate that when you submit the story. If we choose to use that story in the book, we'll contact you to obtain a copy of that photo. If no digital photo exists, we'll make arrangements to have it scanned/emailed to us.

7. If you or someone you know has memories / stories to submit but find it difficult to write or type, or do not have access to email, please contact me by phone and we can do a phone interview, or possibly make arrangements to meet in person so I can document your story! 

**If we DO use your memory/story in the book, you will be rewarded

with a free copy of the finished book!** 

(one free book per person)

Yea, women farm.

Thanks for asking.


There is no limit to the number of memories you can submit.

There is no guarantee that we'll use any of your memories/stories in the book.

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