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Collaborating for the greater good of Midwestern farm wives... Jeanette and Kelli bring humor, passion and dedication to their work, aiming to let the world know how fabulous - and challenging - farm life can be! 


I was raised on a cattle, hog and row crop farm (and currently date (and live with) a hog & crop farmer) in Southeast South Dakota, but it wasn't until I spent a dozen years or so living out-of-state, that I "came home" and was able to truly appreciate the area and lifestyle. On the outside it may look "simple", but I assure you, it is anything but that.

To write this book, to me means giving a voice to those women who struggle, survive, ache, witness, enjoy, laugh and cry over, embrace and otherwise fully live in their farm life moments. Every. Single. Day. Those moments overjoy us, overwhelm us, challenge and fulfill us, and we should relish these days - this lifestyle - and share our stories with others.

I am passionate about writing, photography, the outdoors, true friends and my family.


I live just a half mile from where I grew up, surrounded by corn fields and gravel roads. My favorite road is still the “short-cut” to Grandma’s farm, even though she’s been gone awhile now. I’m not a farm wife but I’m in love with country life.

There are so many stories to tell that exemplify the ordinary, and women who have lived as farm wives are the ones to share them. When Jeanette brought up this idea, I knew I wanted to offer her my help. 

As an editor and publisher of two weekly newspapers in Southeast South Dakota, telling stories is my passion.

My husband and I have three teenage children, and in my spare time I enjoy writing poetry, reading, caring for my goats and chickens and riding on the back of a motorcycle.

On a farm, money grows in rows.

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