Stories of Midwestern farm living, as told from the women who live it.


What this website is about...

I, Jeanette, am aspiring to author a book entitled "The Real Farm Wives of South Dakota", with subsequent publications for other Midwestern states (Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, etc.). My dear friend and editor, Kelli, is assisting me in this endeavor.

Why do you care...?  I NEED YOUR MEMORIES / stories to put into the book! 

South Dakota (and the Midwest in general) is rich in farming history with women playing an integral role in the day-to-day operations.  This book is a labor of love, and we'd like to give a voice to your farm memories in order to carry on the legacy that you have lived as a farm wife. It's important to us, that your wisdom be passed down and your memories of triumph, tragedy, fun and laughter, joy, awe and inspiration be heard.

See the "Get Involved" page for details and the "Contact" page for the submission form or email us at: MyStory@RealFarmWife.com   

NOTE: we are not looking for lifetime narratives, but rather

very specific memories / incidents that happened.

Don't just thank a Farmer...
Thank his wife for cooking, delivering meals, going for parts, or moving fields
all while taking care of her usual jobs.
Thank his hired man for working endless hours on sleepless nights to ensure the crop comes off.
And thank his children who are okay with seeing him if just for a brief moment
while he eats his meals in the field.
Farming is a family business and it takes a sacrifice from all...
So don't just thank a farmer... Thank the Family! 

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